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We are private investigators with a flair for solving complex cases that has been recognized by the insurance industry, law firms, large corporations, small businesses.

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Licensed Private Investigation Agency Incorporated, bonded and insured serving Brampton & Greater Toronto Area, call for a free confidential & discreet consultation

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Our office is located in Brampton, Ontario, but we conduct private investigations in multiple locations. Locally in Canada, GTA and Ontario and internationally Nardo, Lecce, Italy.

Located in Brampton, Ontario, Investigation Plus embodies the essence of professional private investigation. We recognize that successful private investigators require not only deep knowledge and years of experience but also keen observation skills, a sharp eye, and an analytical mind.

Our team consists of highly experienced private investigators from diverse backgrounds, including the military, legal, forensic, IT, cyber, radio, and psychological fields. Educated and trend-aware, we continually explore innovative investigation methods, ensuring we remain at the forefront of our industry. Operative and punctual, our experts utilize a wide array of surveillance and investigative techniques to collect evidence and uncover facts in cases requiring investigation.

Handling a diverse range of cases, we conduct legal research, civil and criminal investigations, and serve both private businesses and individual clients. Recognizing that each project is unique, we tailor our approach to meet the specific demands of each case or industry, matching the best specialist or team with a synergistic skill set.

Whether your needs call for surveillance, undercover investigations, GPS tracking, background checks, or infidelity investigations, we possess the expertise to address them effectively. Dedicated to exceeding industry benchmarks, we provide round-the-clock responsiveness, extensive services, and state-of-the-art technology to guarantee efficiency and accuracy in all our endeavors.

At Investigation Plus, we prioritize accuracy, discretion, due diligence, and confidentiality in every investigation we handle. Our team possesses a deep understanding of criminal law, civil law, evidence rules, as well as criminal and civil procedures. You can rely on us to conduct a thorough and efficient investigation, leaving no aspect unexplored.

As licensed private investigators, we take pride in our commitment to timely responses, transparent communication, and punctual completion of reports following each investigation. Our services are designed to instill confidence, knowing that every necessary step has been taken to build a strong and secure case.

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Employment Checks

Forensic Data Recovery

GPS Tracking

Asset Tracing

Cheating Spouses

Disability Claims

TSCM Debugging services nationwide

Night time surveillance

Key Services at Investigation Plus

Many businesses, government organizations, legal firms, executives, celebrities, and individuals concerned about corporate espionage, information security, and personal privacy rely on debugging services to ensure that their premises, vehicles, and communication systems are free from electronic eavesdropping devices. As a result, our private investigators, who specialize in debugging and Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM), play a crucial role in helping our clients protect their sensitive information and maintain confidentiality.

Spouses or partners often call us to conduct discreet inquiries into suspected infidelity or marital issues.

Surveillance operations are commonly requested for various purposes, including gathering evidence for legal cases, monitoring individuals’ activities, and uncovering fraudulent behavior.

Employers often require background checks on potential employees to verify their credentials, employment history, criminal records, and other relevant information.

With the rise of cybercrime and digital threats, there is a growing demand for investigative services focused on cybersecurity, digital forensics, and online reputation management.

Businesses frequently seek investigative services to uncover instances of corporate fraud, intellectual property theft, employee misconduct, and other internal threats.

4 Reasons to Hire Private Investigator



We provide you with consistently high standards of ethics in private investigation. We  have been celebrating excellence and performance across the legal communities from around the world.


Let our professional investigative staff explain how we will address your concerns in a prompt and timely fashion and assure you that you will receive the investigative attention your case requires.


We have the knowledge and experience to work cooperatively with our client . We use our own skills to better control the critical path of the project schedule and quality of work.


By taking pride in our work, We strive to deliver exceptional value for our clients. This happens when we embrace the challenges, seek innovative solutions in an effort to continuously improve.

At Investigations Plus, our Private Investigators adhere to stringent ethical standards, ensuring integrity, professionalism, and respect for the law in every aspect of their work. Our ethical framework encompasses several key principles, including confidentiality, respect for privacy, legal compliance, professionalism, objectivity, integrity, and ongoing professional development.

We operate in accordance with the regulations outlined in the Private Security and Investigative Services Act (PSISA), which governs our industry’s conduct. Our Code of Conduct defines appropriate and inappropriate behavior for investigators, emphasizing:

  • Treating all individuals with respect and professionalism.
  • Ensuring equal treatment without discrimination.
  • Conducting ourselves with integrity and honesty.
  • Avoiding the use of profanity or abusive language.
  • Refraining from the use of excessive force.
  • Abstaining from the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty.

Moreover, we strictly adhere to municipal, provincial, and federal privacy laws to safeguard the rights and privacy of individuals involved in investigations. This includes compliance with legislation such as the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA), and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). Our Private Investigators possess in-depth knowledge of these laws, ensuring that our investigations are conducted ethically and lawfully.

At Investigations Plus, our Private Investigators uphold a professional demeanor in every interaction, whether with clients, colleagues, or the public. They prioritize effective communication, accuracy, and ethical conduct in all aspects of their work.

To ensure the delivery of top-quality investigative services, our specialists actively engage in ongoing training, education, and professional development. This commitment allows them to remain abreast of industry trends, best practices, and legal requirements. By continuously enhancing their knowledge, skills, and expertise, our Private Investigators strive to provide exceptional service while upholding the highest ethical standards.

The expertise of our private investigators encompasses a range of skills and knowledge tailored to conduct thorough and effective investigations. Some key areas of expertise include Surveillance Techniques, Evidence Collection, Legal Knowledge, Research Skills, Technology Proficiency, Analytical Abilities, Discretion and Confidentiality.

Private investigators at our agency leverage their expertise across these areas to conduct thorough, objective, and lawful investigations to support the needs of our clients.

  1. We uphold honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all investigations and interactions.
  2. Our private investigators maintain a high standard of professionalism in communication, behavior, and appearance.
  3. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of clients and sensitive information obtained during private investigations.
  4. Our experts treat all individuals with dignity, fairness, and respect, regardless of background or circumstance.
  5. Our team adheres to legal and regulatory requirements governing the practice of private investigation, including privacy laws and industry standards.
  6. Objectivity and Impartiality. We remain unbiased and impartial in conducting private investigations, free from personal bias or influence.
  7. Continuous Improvement. Our specialists commit to ongoing learning, professional development, and improvement to enhance investigative skills and expertise.
  8. Client-Centered Approach. As Private Investigators we prioritize the needs and interests of clients, maintaining open communication, providing excellent service and support throughout the private investigation process.

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