Why Hire A Private Investigator

Why Hire A Private Investigator?

If you are currently involved in a divorce or child custody case, you many need to hire a private investigator to give you the edge you may need to succeed. A private investigator is a professional at uncovering facts that are admissible in court. He or she will gather documents and witnesses that may be able to prove your spouse is in the wrong.

Many people find it reasonable to hire an investigator when they believe an infidelity has occurred but an investigator can also be effective in child custody cases for visitation rights, discovering abuse, contempt cases, establishing that your spouse is hiding property or finances and determining the truth about assets, income and employment.

Private investigators are able to discover hidden assets because they have access to select databases and records that the average individual cannot find. While you may be aware of certain bank accounts with your spouse or partner’s name attached, an investigator may find your spouse/partner has multiple accounts with hidden money.

Another common reason to hire a private investigator is in uncovering infidelity. While you may have your suspicions, a professional can act on your instincts to uncover facts. Even if you have nothing more than your own intuition, an unknown number on your phone bill or changed work hours, a private investigator can discover what is really going on and that may be critical in a child custody battle. It is also better to know that truth then be stuck in a world of uncertainty and mistrust.

For those of us with children, hiring a private investigator may be crucial if you have concerns about your spouse’s behaviour towards your children, such as possible abuse or neglect. Perhaps your spouse is an alcoholic or the living conditions aren’t proper for your children. You need hard evidence to support your claim for increased or sole custody and that evidence could be very be challenging for you to secure on your own.

Here are some other common reasons why people hire private investigators:

  • Business background check
  • International due diligence
  • Dating background checks
  • Identity theft risk assessment
  • Employment background check
  • Welfare investigation
  • Personal injury investigation
  • International asset search
  • Infidelity research
  • Divorce and family law investigations
  • Stalker investigations
  • Insurance fraud claims
  • Criminal investigations
  • Embezzlement/fraud investigations
  • Criminal investigations
  • Document verification
  • Investment scam risk
  • Pre-marital checks
  • Safe international hiring

If you suspect you may need a private investigator on your side, call the experts at Investigation Hotline today for a free consultation.

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