top 3 steps to secure your insta account


Instagram is the new way of social media. It’s a platform that has absolutely been a game changer to the digital world. Most of us know what Instagram entails, what we can see, find or learn all by just scrolling.  But, do we all know how to keep our Instagram secure from hackers that could bring a lot of risks to your personal and private information?
Just because we put ourselves out there doesn’t mean we are inviting in these situations that happen often, so we have to learn to create a safe place where security shouldn’t be an issue.

Below are the top 3 ways to secure your Instagram,

  1. First and foremost: Enable Two- Factor Authentication.
    What exactly does that mean? It means requiring a second form of authentication after you have entered your password. Most applications can be connected to your device; most times you receive a text message of a code to help prove your identity as again a second form of authentication. There are many sites that can help guide you on how to turn that option on.

  2. Secondly; Making your account private.
    Taking control on who follows you is another great way to keep your Instagram secure. By having a private account, you get to choose who you are allowing to view your posts. If your account is open, anyone and everyone will be able to access what you post, like, share or even what you’ve been tagged in. So do yourself a favor, and learn how to switch your public account to a private one.

  3. Lastly; Block, Restrict and Report.
    Most of us by now have experienced or been witness to an internet troll, an inappropriate comment or just plain spam. It’s not fun, and is a downside to social media. However, if you don’t want to see it or deal with it you can block and report them to Instagram, even block them manually yourself!! There is even a new feature that allows you to block a person and any other account they make which should help cut down on any unwanted issues that can make you feel unsafe or make you feel that your account is unsecure.
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