How to Find Spy Devices in Your Home, Car, Cell Phone, or Computer

How do you know if you are being watched? How do you know if you aren’t? These days, private surveillance is becoming more and more common.

Of course, our personal data and behavior is constantly being tracked by the government, search engines, social media, websites we visit, and possibly by our employers, but this article is intended for individuals who suspect that they are being singled out and targeted for a specific reason in a personal privacy threat.

How to Detect Hidden Cameras in Your Home

These days, cameras are so small they might be hidden anywhere to spy on you. They can be as small as a fingertip and hidden in tissue boxes, books, bookshelves, clocks, stuffed animals, potted plants, or anywhere. Although the camera will likely be well-hidden, its lens has to be visible, even if it’s behind glass. A simple, cost-effective method to detect hidden spy cameras is to use a flashlight or the light on your phone to find them.

Most cameras have green or red lights. These might have been covered, but if there wasn’t time to install it properly, you might be able to find the camera by these lights.

Use an RF (Radio Frequency) Detector

These devices are readily available and range from $10 to $200. You can use one to scan for hidden wireless devices and signals in your home. Turn it on and follow the instructions, which include moving or sweeping slowly and listening for feedback. You may need to test each room on several of the device’s frequencies.

What Does a Listening Device Look Like?

Like cameras, eavesdropping devices come in many sizes and shapes and are easily obtained by anyone. Sometimes, your own devices’ mics can be accessed remotely to listen in on you or your conversations.

How to Find Hidden Mics, Bugs, or Listening Devices

Anyone can buy apps to eavesdrop on you. Many require access to your device to install. Sometimes they’re hidden on the SIM card rather than on the operating system. However, some might be installed OTA (over-the-air, remotely).

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